Walking on the beach, sometimes it happenes to take a pebble shaped by the water in your hands. If that sea has in the background the Apuan Alps with their white marble that mingle with the snow in winter, then that pebble is the ring that connects the mountain to the sand, suspended for a moment in a millennia-long history. It is this sense of suspension that we would like to transfer to our objects.



Materials, designs and colors that intertwine like threads of a tapestry” is how Adolfo Natalini defined them, who in 1984 took charge, together with Voltero Tonlorenzi, of the artistic direction ofDisegni di Marmo. Three-dimensional weaves where different stones chase and play in a harmony of colors and shapes. They are inlays with modular geometries designed by the greatest architects to be aesthetically complex but simple to lay.


There is a place in front of the workshops where we keep the excesses of our productions, as they were treasures . The chipped slabs or damaged solids that break open to reveal the brutal , coarser , but purest nature of the marble. Since 2016, we have started to upcycle them to create new and more precious objects, assembled with the waste of the mechanical processing of metals , combining powder metallurgy techniques , stone and biopolymers.

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