Born in Bolzano and raised in Italy, Danilo Silvestrin has lived in Germany since the 1960s. After studying architecture in Milan and Florence, Silvestrin went to Düsseldorf in 1966 and studied sculpture at the Folkwangschule in Essen in 1966/67. In Dusseldorf, he came into contact with some of the most innovative artists of the time and worked closely with Günther Uecker and Heinz Mack of the ZERO group, and designed the visual Creamcheese device. His creative work is characterized by his great love for contemporary art. And at that moment he involved the artists in the design of the spaces. The first transparent Plexiglas furniture was created, like the “Ball” armchair. For the art dealer and dealer Hans Mayer the “white house” with the “Purist” line, almost furniture without furniture, since the bed was set in the ground. Until today, a creative dialogue has always taken place with the artists and the consequent emergence of extraordinary “art spaces”. In 1967 he founded his design studio and lives in Munich since 1971. Already in the 80s, as an architect of formal asceticism, Silvestrin has combined clean design with timeless elegance. His works and drawings are timeless and harmonize shapes and functionality. “Design is the art that makes it useful.”