Ugo La Pietra has developed since 1962 an activity aimed at the clarification and definition of the relationship “individual-environment”. At the beginning of this work process he developed knowledge tools (models of understanding) aimed at transforming the traditional “work-spectator” relationship. He has worked inside and outside the disciplines declaring himself always “researcher in the visual arts”; anomalous and uncomfortable artist and therefore difficult to classify.

With his researches since 1960 he has crossed different artistic currents: sign art, conceptual art, environmental art, social art, narrative art, artist cinema, new writing, extra media, neo-eclecticism, architecture and radical design. He communicated and disseminated his thoughts and experiences through an intense didactic and editorial activity. He has promoted research groups (Cenobio Group, La Lepre Lunare Group, Global Tools, Maroncelli Cooperative, Communication Factory, Free Laboratory) and exhibition activities involving a large number of operators (artists, architects, designers).