Architecture and Design

One of the foundations of our successful story is the profitable and uninterrupted collaboration of over 40 years with the most famous names of Architecture and Designed by: Michele De Lucchi, AchilleCastiglioni, Aldo Rossi, Enzo Mari, Sergio Asti, Adolfo Natalini, Philippe Starck, Ugo La Pietra, Leonardo De Carlo, Alessandro Mendini, Marco Piva, David Palterer, Andrea Branzi, DaniloSilvestrin, Mario Bellini, MatteoThun, Luca Scacchetti, GuglielmoRenzi, Marco Romanelli, …… and many others. Many of them , have experimented and enriched their skills on how to deal with the different aspects of a living matter such as natural stone, spending days and nights in our laboratory of Massa, to impress their style and their ideas in marble. The result of this assiduous collaboration is a fascinating catalog of marble objects, tables, furnishing accessories, fireplaces, fountains, garden benches and interior floors, still available at UpGroup, unique objects and extraordinary projects, some of which are exposed permanently in major museums such as the MOMA in New York City. In the architectural field, UpGroup has collaborated and still collaborates with well known architects, designers and stone contractors, for the construction of public, civil and residential architecture, such as Hotels, Museums, Airports, Banks, Shopping Centers and Villas, in addition to carrying out important conservation interventions on historic buildings, such as the Florence Cathedral, the Uffizi Museum, the Bank of Italy’s Conio Museum, the Pistoia Cathedral, the Beethoven House Museum in Bonn and many others.

We have participated in the construction of countless and prestigious residential villas and mega yachts, of which, in the utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality, we provide references and photographic documentation only in the private sphere.

Some of the works realized: Hotel EsedraBoscolo – Rome / Hotel Danieli – Vanezia / Hotel Pacific Village – Panama / Hotel Laguna Palace – Venice / Hotel Schwarzenberg – Vienna / Port Palace Hotel – Montecarlo / Hotel Imperiale – Forte deiMarmi / Hotel Prince of Forte deiMarmi / Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Dhoa – Qatar / Bologna Airport / Crial Hotel – Reggio Calabria / Dynamo Camp – Limestre / Florence Gift Mart – Florence / Carrefour and Shopping Center – Versilia / Old country farms in Chianti for IlariaMiani / I Gigli “Mega Store and Shopping Center – Prato / PatriziaPepe Boutique / Vapiano Stores – Hamburg & Vienna / San Lorenzo Yachts – Series 62 / 72- Global / Jimmy Choo Stores – London & Tokyo / New Port of Montecarlo.

UpGroup is also bespoke design. The Customer’s idea is subjected to feasibility analysis with possible inspections and checks, selection of the best materials and assistance from the technical office for the optimization of the final project, to the realization of all the elements and the final product. In the field of design, in addition to the catalog collections, the skilled artisan’s hands can produce customized projects in any type of marble and size.

Men, tools and machines

Man, for UpGroup, is the key to everything. Visiting our workshops is a bit like entering a sort of time machine, where the slow and meticulous processing of manual lathes proceeds and alternates with the most advanced and innovative technologies, to achieve surprising results, like to recreate harmonious and delicate forms in the stone. A congenial balance between the reality of an avant-garde industry and the manual skills of an artisan workshop, where each finished work expresses all the value of Italian quality and tradition. The culture uniting all the people of UpGroup is based on excellence, on the desire to provide the best marble and the best installation service in the world, on the stone tradition expressed through the best Italian design.

A first-rate staff composed of quarry workers who extract the raw material, expert craftsmen who work it, skilled installers, as well as designers, engineers, geologists and architects who add to the marble the form and the reason, so that it can be used in the most different projects. This is the force that nourishes and supports UpGroup, a cohesive, competent and multifunctional team that embraces the entire production cycle, following the marble from the quarry to the installation site, with a rigorous and incessant quality control that guarantees the higher performances, excellence and exclusivity.